Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello My Lovelies,

Cherry here with just a little shabeal about some people I have meat over time here on the inter webs. While writing this little blog in the dark corner of the internet I meat some great ladies that I want to talk to you about. These people are the sweetest people I have ever meat, and that is saying a lot for having meat on the interwebs! but they are genuinely great people that I believe I need to give my thanks to... 

The first is Callie of "Sew Craftful" She is an amazingly wonderful seamstress that I really look up to! She was very kind in answering my questions and we became friends in the process. I even made a response video to one of her You Tube posts about vintage patterns, because of her I have found a new love for patterns of this kind and I keep an eye out when for them when thrifting. She is really amazing and knows her stuff, and is willing to answer your questions with this pleasant professional tone that really impressed me. I suppose its why I look up to her and aspire to be a better seamstress even though I know I lack some of the polish that she seems to embody. 

The second person I want to highlight is Jasmine from "The Makeup File", this girl is fabulous. we meat on a pen-pal website and we have been friends ever sense, she is so talented and really nice. I have to say she is a regular bowl of laughs and like us new to blogging, I foresee great things for this gal and she is more then happy to answer questions and keeps up with her comments. I have to say she and I have bonded over our respective blogs and have really banded together as friends and fellow bloggers, p.s. we plan to collaborate on a post at some time...more on that later. She loves makeup, nail polish the entire beauty industry like a bee loves honey so in knowing that who better to keep up with for all your beauty needs!

First I would just like to thank these lovely ladies for befriending this larger then life vintage gal, I value friendship and keep them really close to my heart. As I said before they are genuinely great people and their blogs are more then a must read they are a have to! I love you gals tuns and I just wanted to say thank you for being a friend!!! 

Well thats all for now catch you lovelies later, and as always keep it classy!  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Girl can Dream Vol. 1

 Hello My lovelies,

After reading my friend and fellow blogger Jasmines post "On the Radar Vol. 1" I felt inspired to put some of the things I have been jonesing for here on the blog and make it a monthly thing.... well here goes nothing!! 

Dolce Mia Red Hot Girl Tuberose Shea Butter Natural Lotion With Organic botanicals, Yes I had the pleasure of trying this at my local Castco once and it was really moisturizing and smelled like a little slice of heaven!  It also appeals to my more pinup side with the adorable packaging how could any girl resist that label? Not only that it is made in Northern California, lotion is full of shea butter, fresh organic botanicals and natural seed oils that work tirelessly to sooth and improve skin. so sayith the product demonstration lady and amazon product information lol! 

 The next is the Strawberry Gal Spanish Lip Balm in Gold Art Nouveau Tin....Okay I'm a sucker for cute or interesting packaging but its made in a reproduction 1900's tin and its art nouveau one of my favorite art movements....any way its made in Spain with all natural ingredence and I've only heard good sue me! 

Isn't this fabric lush, I am in love with this little jem! its a jewelry roll but I plan to buy two of them and use the second one as a makeup brush travail roll as well! its not that expensive so maybe I'll buy three and give one to my bestie Lolita! 

This is the more expensive side of my dream's....they are the Women Italian Leather Gloves Polka Dot Black/white, Lined in Silk By Solo Classe..... yes I dream of smooth like butter Italian leather gloves....some so perfict so delectably feminine and delicate it makes me purr with happyness just thinking about them. 

Last but not least the dress I covet this month is The Sugar Doll in Aqua Cherries dress by none other then mine and Lolita's favorite pinup Bernie Dexter!!!!!! My, My Bernie is amazing Lolita and I swear that she could sell us a paper bag full of dirt and we would buy it with a smile on our faces!!! needless to say we are big....BIG fan's of her's so its only right that the first dress on my dream list of the month start's with one of her's!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Fun!!

Hello Lovelies, 

Yes your DIY diva Cherry is here ready to over haul a dress that you previously saw on our post "A Thrift store Romp!" Often you will find few dresses with fabrics that are interesting but the dress may need few nips here and there. I know, I know its a lot of work and frankly for something you are spending your hard earned chips on you dont want to work that hard on it, well I say that its the nature of the beast when buying vintage and Trust me I am with you and most of the time but sometimes its little things such as sleeve extraction, hem, or taking in the waist. as stated before these things are part of shopping in thrift stores or buying vintage in general, it wouldn't be worth it if it where easy right? Now a little disclaimer, I am not a professional tailor, therefore, the major work or the things that are impossible for me to handle are done by a professional tailor with whom I enlist to help. But that does not mean that I can not do little rehabs on a dresses here and there that needs my attention, that is where my handed down sewing skills come into play.

 For instants, lets put our focus on this dress. This is not the style I would prefer for myself but I fell in love with the print. It must have been made in the late 80's early 90's no doubt someone's mother or grandmother loved this little number, that's the fun with buying any vintage there is alwaus a story to be uncovered these garments have history and I love that aspect of it. I saw some potential in this dress for example, the pleated skirt is just heavenly when it falls around a well positioned petty-coat. There wasn't a whole lot I had to do to make it suitable to my specific needs, I removed the shoulder pads to compliment the dress better. After making this change, I tried the dress on to focus better on what I liked and disliked about the dress.
 I figured if I remove the sleeves and maybe the dress would look better sometimes less is more and in this case, less fabric in the arm region balanced out the dress better.   

The picture on the right indicates how the dress looks like after the alteration.  After the alteration I tried the dress one more time and to my amusement it did the trick and the dress looked so much better that I decided nothing else had to be done. Sometimes, just a simple adjustment can do the magic and the dress may look like its new again. Since I do not like to waste any left over fabric I always try to find a way to recycles these materials that could mean making a hair accessories, perhaps a bow of some sort or maybe I'll send it to my friend at "Rambunctious Creations" to make me something special. I will keep you posted!!! I know! I know! It does not look like much on the hanger but check out the finished products here!  

Hu? Did I tell you or what, a  fabulous dress right? Even though the sleeve area was the only place that needed some major work, the dress holds up don't you think?  I personally feel like I need a bigger pettie coat to make it poof a little more but all and out I think it was a great find and it looks great. Then again I'm bias because I just love the darn thing, now I thought I would do a simple rehab before I do something more challenging with a more tricky problem dress with redeeming features. This is just to show you that not all the dresses are jem's but with a few redeeming features, a little elbow grease, creativity and know how these dresses can be something great again.  

Well that's all for now my Lovelies and as always keep it classy!! 


Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Glassware Obsession!

Hello My Lovelies!!

Your friendly Caption Cherry here with a little confession....I Bad Luck Cherry have an obsession with glassware...yes its true every time I am in the thrift store I cant resist the call of home decor and especially the call of something shiny and gracefully shaped...I have amassed quite a collection that I absolutely love and my significant other wishes I would stop bringing home, but I say nay to him and if I have the wampum to do so then I shall cash in my chips and get that bowl or whatever I cant live with out. these are just a few of my favorite pieces and how I have incorporated them into my life.

Now just a brief history, glassware has been around since the 3500 B.C.E in Mesopotamia; the word "glass" was coined in the Roman Empire. In the 19th century many different styles of artistic glassware became extremely popular, especially with the Art Nouveau movements and the wonderful use of glass. There has been many different movements in the world of glass from the French to Louis Comfort Tiffany with his colored glass panels in the famous Tiffany's lamps. Different companies sprang up with industrial improvements and innovations offering their glassware to the masses. The different styles have gone and continue to go in and out of fashion but one thing remains the same their beauty.

Okay now with that said here are my top favorite glassware in my collection, this pieces that I scored at a rummage sale in my town that happens once every other year, this time my bestie Lolita went with me and I found this pretty crystal apple. its a container that I keep my cotton balls in on my vanity, I nearly leaped over someone to nab it so it's got a special place in my heart. 

The next one is actually a sugar dish with a matching lid, I don't know where its from only that I've had it a really long time. I think its from my grandmothers china cabinet and she let me play with it as a kid (Can't understand why) but I always loved it and kept it nice. Nowadays it's life is spent on my vanity holding cotton pads right next to my apple, They add something to the vanity that I really can't explain...a sort of elegance. This is a really pretty Fan dish that I use to keep my nail files on and the nail polish of the moment, I am forever loosing nail flies and the polish I'm using so I put it front and center. 

This is my ring holder, this is something else that I have had since I was a little girl. I can't remember if it was my grandmother's or my mother's, I do remember seeing it on my mother's dresser holding her beautiful rings it just enamored me as a young girl. When my mother put it in the cabinet I took my chance and have had it ever sense. The next is well its not something that's on my vanity but it was a gift, its a punch bowl with the matching cups. my friend Linda bought this for me for Christmas and I squealed with joy after getting it. 

The last few aren't something that I got in a thrift store, one was a gift the other few I bought at a really good price on amazon. These are my beloved Egyptian glass perfume bottles where I keep my perfume oils, this needs a little explaining. I do wear regular perfume but from day to day it can get very costly, we are all about being glamorous on a budget so why not economize with out compromising quality! Well that's why for everyday I use perfume oils, they stay on your skin longer and don't wear off till you shower. Still I find the scent lingers a bit but I find the scent of vanilla or jasmine is not so disagreeable to linger about (More on my perfume oils later). 

This one was the gift from my mama Mona, to me its the most special and I love it dearly so I put a sweet smelling oil in it and as you can see I use it the most. I have to say buying them was great but getting glasswere as a gift is even better,

Well that's it for this post my lovelies catch you on the flip side!    

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick Tips!

Hey there My lovely readers, 

your friendly neighbor hood Swag Queen Cherry here with a fast and easy tip to baby soft skin!!! Yes, you heard me right, baby soft skin in a matter of a week, provided you do this religiously. I know, but what's a little work for something that will have people talking? Anyhoo, here is the helpful tip that I was given the skivvy to by my instructor extraordinar  Ms.Misty.... and according to her, instead of toweling off right away after a shower or bath, lightly pat yourself dry so your not dripping wet, and while still damp start to put on your lotion. Now it will take some doing because your still technically wet but trust me my little chick-a-dee's, it works like a charm! 

Yes, after hearing this little tip-o-la I went home and gave it a go for a week, and I have to say my skin is so soft you wouldn't believe it! My skin not only feels more hydrated, its over all appearance is much better as well. Not only that, my skin stays hydrated longer. Yes, after two weeks of this wonderful new habit I have baby soft skin all over....from my head to my toes, yep, yep!!

Now I know what your thinking, my bathroom routine is already lengthy and time consuming, and this little additive will set you back at least three minutes on top of everything else. But I say to you, what's three minutes when you think of how baby soft and healthy your skin will be as a result! And really, results are all I really ask for and its free....well as far as you dont have to buy anything new, just the lotion you already use....details, details.... catch you lovelies later! 

And as always keep it classy...