Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where O where is my fabric of choice?

Hello My lovelies, 

I am in a snit....I have this lace and I want to make a beautiful dress from it for the Billetproof car show inspired by this dress I saw in an arbitrary web search. now the problem stands is what to use as an underlay for the dress. I'm thinking I want to go floral, with lots of color but the thing with shopping for vintage fabrics is that you have to go with what you find. being a picky nanny isn't going to get you anywhere. Its like painting in water colors, you have to guide yourself
This is my Lace!! 
with out being too controlling. I know....I can feel the deep eye roll after you read that but its true, I go in with an idea and sometime's that idea changes when I see that one lushous fabric that say's 'Cherry......Cherry..... Take me home with you and make me pretty!' I can never resist that call.  I'm hoping for something of the purple family but I wont turn down mint green or anything like that. I hope for floral but these things are up in the air it all depends on whats in the thrift store at the time. well I will be posting updates on my search and what I found! Catch you lovelies later. 

And as always keep it classy!
Bad Luck Cherry   

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