Monday, August 5, 2013

A Girl Can Dream Vol. 2

Hello my lovelies, 

This segment of my wish list is a bit different because its full of crafting want to's rather then products I wish for!!! I'm a huge fan of upcycling because when you are in love with vintage like I am well its apart of the deal, many things need a little love and care to make them great again. 

The first is a Jewelry box over haul. I have a box in my room
that needs some piazzas, I've had it a really long time and I've seem some pretty net thinks online on how to make it a peace that not only flatters my vanity but goes with the motif of my bedroom. There are a lot of ideas on how to achieve this look with vintage fabrics and paint colors its really only as limited as my imagination, so when I dream up something fabulous I will be sure to let you all in on the fun.

This Project I thought of and really want to try, its a picture frame jewelery display. I figured it had been done before so I looked it up the first is complements of Doodle Crafts! isn't it just adorable, I have more accessories then I have jewelery boxes to hold them all in. So this is an interesting way to display them and also really freakin cute! I have some lone frames with no backings that need a home, like I said once before I throw nothing away that couldn't have a use later on. Yes I horde crafting supplies and such, it comes in handy once and a while when you least expect it to!

The last is a night stand repaint, I really like the idea of reusing my old night stands perhaps in a different area of my house then my room. I love different patterns and colors though the color scheme in my house my Boyfriend unite and I could agree on was teal, royal blue, black and deep lush purple I think I can come up with something amazing to paint on it. something tough maybe skulls and blue fire....yes there is something you don't know about me kiddies I love Skull imagery!! it has to be the one image I always paint, draw and doodle. so painting it on my night stands seems to me a give in!   

Well that's all for now my lovelies catch you later! and as always keep it classy! 

Bad Luck Cherry  

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