Sunday, June 2, 2013

Smelling Sweet

Hello My lovelies

Its Cherry again and I'm here with a wonderful review! as I said in the post "A Little Glass Wear Obsession" I absolutely love perfume oils. they are a great and inexpensive way to smell great all day with out breaking the bank, now I have been wearing perfume oils sense I was a kid. My father used to get them from the local flea market near by, he was a stickler for smelling good. with that I was taught to always look your best and smell just as sweet. Over the years my tastes of sent has changed only slightly I like lighter fresher sent right out of the shower and then something fruity yet womanly when I am out the door. Then again my tastes changed with the seasons as well, I tend to wear sents that are warmer and spicier in the winter and Autumn and then frutier and more tropical sent in the summer and spring.

Okay just a little history about the wonderful world of Perfume, the art of making perfume was started in Egypt and then perfected  over time by Romans and Arabs. It was in the 14th century when perfumery became popular partly because of Arabic influence and knowledge but it was the Hungarians that who made the first modern perfume. The first modern perfume was made of sented oils and an alcohol solution at the command of Queen Elizabeth of Hungry in 1370 and was known through out Europe as Hungry water. Needless to say Perfume has come a long way sense then and tastes, and trends have changed the face of perfume through out the years.

So with that said perfume can get extremely expensive day to day believe me I know, I was having the darnest time keeping myself in the basic snits I loved.  those snits are usually floral based Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Plumeria. Then there are the Fruity snits that my boyfriend unit loves which is Apple, Mango, Strawberry, Banana, and passion fruit then there is the aromatic snits like Vanilla, Cinnamon and Star Anise. yes I love all those snits and more to the point I like those snits with out being mixed with anything so I felt it best to find sinted oils that better suited my needs. Now you may find that 6$ for a small 1oz. bottle of scented oil not really that worth it but let me dispell that seceptice thought, ssented oil's are pur sent and they arent thinned out by alchol or other fillers at all. with that said you only need litrally a drop and rub it on your wrists and neck and trust me you are smelling sweet all day because they dont wear off like other perfumes. This means where you run out of perfume in say a month or two these will last a significent longer time and dont dry out as fast as another perfume if you put them in glass perfume with stoppers like the ones I have.
I have taken to buying perfume oils that are not only my favorite base sents but dups of my favorite perfume's as well, this site called "World Wide Perfume Oils" and they are amazing. I ordered from them some time back and have been using their products for about two years ago is when I started my journey back in perfume oils. I did a lot of research and look this site had great costumer service and their sents are really good, I really enjoyed what I got and I want to share that with you now. first I wanted to test how well their perfume types or (dips) of popular perfumes they made, and I was very pleasantly surprised.
 I bought their Be Delicious (Donna Karan) Type, Chance (Chanel) Type, Burberry Brit Type, Ralph Lauren Blue Type, Romance (Ralph Lauren) Type, Tommy Girls (T. Hilfiger) Type,   Fantasy  (Britney Spears) Type. how much of my hard earned wampum did I spend you ask? well all together I spent a total of  57.15$ which is the price of one of these perfumes.....Well a large bottle, that means I actually spent all of 6.95$ per bottle. now mind you I paid that much for a 1 oz. bottle but like argon oil you lirtally need only one drop on your wrist (rubbing it in to spread the sent) and two drops on each side of your neck. yep thats three drops a day from the bottle and I must say its been over a year sense I purchoused these and I havent even scratched the surface. 

Its a lot of bang for my buck if you ask me, and I'm all about making my almighty daller stretch! well kiddies I have to be leaving you but I will return! As always keep it classy.

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